What is "Eco Farm Windy"?

Aim to way of life that is kind to the people, body, and the earth We are proposing for sustainable community farm that based on the principles of permaculture.

It might be unfamiliar the word "permaculture" and "community farm". I myself, did not know the word itself until visit to eco-village of France in 2013.
There had been practiced it was gentle living that is not burden the animals and plants and other natural environment by strangers having the same ideal.

I learned various things from there and eco-farm that I stayed as wwoofer.

It is based on recycling agriculture that to make organic compost from grass and feces of livestock, then grow feed for livestock and vegetables by it. and to the placement of the plants and insect repellent and growth promotion, each other mutual assistance. Of course, they are not use herbicides or pesticides.
To use the composting toilets, organic, recycled products, In addition to the use of natural energy as solar, hydro and wind power.
I was surprised above all that they are living together as a family who is different nationality, different ages and various people. And I was knowing that there is kind people who reach out to me it was ignorant of Oriental person that can not speak in English and French.

Kindness is great things surely. I wanna be like them who reach out to someone. I want to make warm "home" for the people who wish do so.
Strong feeling that was holding at that time became starting point of Windy.

Permaculture? Permaculture is the new design system of life that was built by two people named David Holmgren and Bill Morrison of Australia.It is a coined word that was allowed to mix with the "Permanent" and "Agriculture", but it refers to the design of life or agriculture system and sustainable form, incorporating the eco-system of self-maintaining.

Take care of the earth
Take care of the people
Share the surplus

The above is the central concept. Elements such as human, plants, animals, energy and buildings can create an environment that can be circulated to act well and mechanisms role, without exploitation unilaterally or contaminated.
In addition, aims to lifestyle and system holds also economically, because it is based on a "sustainable" instead of mere "self-sufficiency".

In Windy, basis for life is this permaculture.
It was way of life of my ideal from an early age. I would not want to pollute the environment or harm the plants and animals, as it is convenient to only human...However, not does it mean that I do to live like primitive man.

Plants and people and other animals, and the natural environment is not of having the power unilaterally. let alone that does not governed and also exploitation.

I'm sure, can be difficult to seem simple. but still feel the joy and value that keep doing over the life for me.


Based on permaculture (definition of permaculture see above) that the community and society making of the goal of sustainable living.
That there is a residence facility for the life well-equipped enough, humans without causing harm to the natural world, and have a circulation life possible. And, that it is sustainable for the future is important.

※If you are interested about the eco-village I visited, there is the report notes on Facebook, please refer to there.
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Way of Life Community Farm

What is Community Farm? Roughly, it is almost the same as eco-village. However, it is a smaller community with a focus on a single farm.
As the name suggests, the eco-village create a community of some sort "village". on the other hand this place's base is "farm".

Those who like-minded come together, we will continue to operate the one farm, but most of which is made up of residents who provide a labor force instead of obtaining a bed and food as an agricultural volunteer of WWOOF, etc..

Windy will continue to operate by taking the form of a this community farm.

One of the reasons, first, that human resources is less overwhelmingly ....
Most of the small and medium-sized farmers are mainly family-run, but, Tokara Islands is located in the remote areas to the extent called "last unexplored region of Japan", the total population of the island is just over 100 people.In addition, many of the remote areas as does, most of the young people go out to the city, the elderly rate will bump every year.
For aging and successor shortage, farmers who is not able to continue even want to do keep is almost.

In Tokara, an attempt to increase the settlers somehow, various attempts, such as farmland and auxiliary grant has been done, but to be honest, I think that "move to remote island for to do farming, suddenly!" is whether not the very high hurdles.
Therefore, it is the second reason that opportunity to think slowly by using temporary stay and agriculture volunteer in Eco Farm Windy, it is recommended to experience the lives of the island, to see if it is matched for you.

Agriculture volunteer support member registration, go to:Click here for details.