Agriculture Volunteer

We are looking for a fellow who will living and working together with the joy.

It doesn't matter age, gender, nationality, ability (qualification).
If you feel the sympathy to philosophy and thought of Windy, if you have a spirit of challenge like "Want to try together!", please contact us.

Windy is not yet join the WWOOF, but it will take the same system as the WWOOF basically.
It is a thing to provide three meals a day and a place to stay during their stay from Windy, instead of that provides a labor force of about 6 hours a day from volunteers. (In the case of staying more than a week, I will put a holiday once a week without fail)

There is no monetary exchange in each other, and there is no employment relationship. In addition, I believe on an equal footing than just a relationship as "helper", and want to the exchange of skills and knowledge with each other.

you refer to the below that summarized notes and necessary information, please contact us from here. Or go to the page of the Windy on Facebook, please contact us from the message.

Necessary information, and precaution

≪Necessary information≫
  • Name・Birthday・Gender・Nationality
  • Address・Mail address
  • Schedule of stay (hope)
  • Those that can not eat
  • Chronic disease, allergy
  • That you want to do in Windy
≪ Entry example ≫
Name Ellica Lidelle
Birthday(Year/Month/Day) 1981/04/25
Gender female
Nationality France
Address 50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel, FRANCE
Mail address ○○○-×××
Schedule of stay from 5th October 2014(around two weeks)
Those that can not eat Meat(I am vegetarian)
Chronic disease, allergy I have allergy of Egg
That you want to do in Windy Farming is totally inexperienced, but is interested in growing a vegetable.
I like animals, so I would like to also take care of the animal.
  • Work to have you help is different depending on the time and season. Sometimes, work will be less, It might can not comply with the content and duration of the your hope. Thank you for your visit on me a prior notice always and understood.
  • There is no hospital in the island. Therefore, it becomes the transport of emergency helicopter If you have suffered from an accident or illness of any chance accidental. I ask to have you join the insurance always.
  • Transportation expenses up to local (Nakanoshima Port) is the your burden Basically, I will pick-up after arrival to harbor.( Price of Ferry, please refer to the lower link or here.)
  • Stay period is from one week minimum. Of course, I also welcome the long-stay if schedule is match each other.
  • There is no shop on the islandIn advance, you must be ready before departure what you need. Internet shopping is available in the case of a long-term stay.
  • Others, if you have some unknown point and question, please feel free from here.

Registration as support member

One of the things that want to come true convey through the Windy is a "connection"

It does not mean that making the "agriculture" only individuals who have a farm work. distribution of agriculture is made up thanks to some people who eat or buy the crop.

If more many people engaged in agriculture from various angles, that fence will be more lower...
If you can feel "I am one of person who is making the agriculture", even while living in the city, without quit job right now ...
And, I want you to know that the process to making foods that really good for body.

Start from completely scratch. Please, lent your wisdom and very little time for Windy?

Please registration from form below.
Support member registration form

After checking, only in the case of member introduction "Yes", I will introduce on website.

≪ Example ≫
Support member No.1

HN:Mike( England )
『 My favorite vegetable is radish. because it is beautiful and delicious!
 Because interested in farming of Japan, I would like to go to there someday. 』

※When checking, ask to you that send me the posted possible photos and pictures.
 It does not have to be a face photo of yourself necessarily, but it is not possible to use the photos of other person's.
 Attention please earnestly.