How to access

Transportation to the island makes use of the ferry liner of two flights in a week. The access to the Tokara Islands That there is Windy, have you moved to Kagoshima port from the station or airport nearest first, further, will be asked to move by ferry over approximately 8 hours from there.

The map of Kagoshima port is here.→

If you are traveling from Kagoshima Airport, it will be nice to be available to the shuttle bus to destination "Kagoshima port fast ship terminal stand".
Bus stop, please refer to this page

※However, the port of the ferry for go to the Tokara Islands is different from this high-speed ship terminal stop, please note that you do not mistake.

See the Toshima-mura official page for details.

Ferry fare / Schedule

≪Ferry fare≫ Ferry fare of from Kagoshima port to Nakanoshima that there is Windy see below.
() Is children fare.

  • First class fee:12,360 yen (6,180 yen)
  • Specified bed:8,750 yen (4,380 yen)
  • Second class fee:6,180 yen (3,090 yen)
If you would like to see a more detailed list of charges, see here.

≪Schedule≫ Sailed to Nakanoshima from Kagoshima port is 23:00 every Monday and Friday.
Back to the Kagoshima port from Nakanoshima is around 12:00 from 11:30 every Wednesday and Sunday.

※Ferry may result in canceled or delayed by condition of the weather. Be sure, check this page and this page, please visiting with a margin in the schedule.

How to buy the ticket / Reception hours

The ferry ticket will be sold at the waiting area on departure day. Boarding ticket sales time

Baggage accept until 22:00. Embarkation start will be 21:00 or later.