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From “the last unexplored region of Japan” The place where is bees fly, goats eating grass, the primeval nature has an overwhelming power.
We are community farm that proposed the life that is kind to the person, the body, the earth.

Way of Life Community Farm

What image will you put to hear the word "Eco-village" and "Eco farm"?
I found the way of life called "Community farm" from the journey in France and from the experience the job variety. that is different from the family there is a connection of blood, also different with a company that is leadership...
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Receive the blessings of nature

Grew up without using any pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides, the vegetables is kind to the body.
Of course, bees who make the honey, and goats who make the basis of the milk and cheese have also been bred under natural environment without the use of pesticides, herbicides.
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Registration to agriculture volunteer

We are looking for a fellow who will living and working together with the joy.
In addition, recommended to member registration to the person who is thinking "can't go to there, but want to make the community together!"(Free entrance fee, Free annual fee)
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Added Support Member Directory
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Updated the Blog
Eco Farm Windy
15th May 2014
Nakanoshima, Toshima-mura
Kagoshima-gun, Kagoshima, JAPAN
Business Description
Beekeeping, Dairy, Vegetables and fruit growing that do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides